Tuesday, September 1, 2015


A generous Hope From Harper supporter has recently donated a pair of tickets to the America's Got Talent LIVE tour show in Louisville, KY on October 11th.  We are holding a "not so silent" auction on eBay to allow the tickets to go to the highest bidder!

Please feel free to go visit the auction to check it out.  The tickets are 3rd row Orchestra section, so GREAT seats!

The auction ends on September 9th at 9:28AM - so don't wait to get in your bids!

Face value on the tickets is $65 each, but the starting bid is only $50 for both!

The highest bid will go to Hope From Harper, with no fees, as the item is listed through eBay's Giving Works program (Direct Listing). 

Hope From Harper is now an eBay Giving Works participating charity, and any listing can be listed to benefit Hope From Harper!  If you sell items on eBay, be sure to consider choosing Hope From Harper to benefit from your sales!

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